happy pinning!

i have a new obsession and it's pinterest. i am constantly viewing and searching for different pictures and photos online for inspirations and i love that pinterest allows you to "pin" a favorite photo to our own virtual pinboard. i am also able to categorize them and sort them out for a more organized board and allows me to search them easily.  i can spend hours "pinning" just about anything i fancy! 


take a peek at my boards here.  happy pinning!


diving in spanx

summer is soon here and we are planning a few trips that may have us end up in a beach and i am scouting on a few new suits. call me conservative but i love the modesty and old-glam look of a one piece swimsuit. luckily, spanx has a pretty decent line of swimsuits that promise the same control and slimming powers it's capable of, much like their highly successful body shapers apparel. here are some of my picks :

 hello summer (ever so soon)!