new year, new look

i am considering cutting my hair shorter come new year. i browsed a few sites today and found these photos of ashlee from earlier this year and i am really digging her new look. i love that she's sporting giant earrings to add a girly vibe to her boyish crop hair. and i really love her overall look on the farthest right picture - good for her! now if only i can achieve this look....

[photos swiped from the purse forum]


my christmas loot

i hope you all had a great time with your loved ones and friends this past holiday break. our's was full of fun, food, laughter and yes, tons of gifts!

i am so lucky to have generous groovy family and friends and all my christmas presents rocks! 
guys, you know who you are and i thank you so much! we sure had a fabulous time sharing good tidings and joy and i am now excited for the new year to come and what it holds for us! 


seasons greetings

holiday wishes to all my blog readers and friends!

i will be signing off for the rest of the week as i look forward to spending it with my family and friends. there'll be lots of eating, drinking, shopping and more eating!

i will see you back here next week as we ring up the new year together!


flats feud

after i had a baby, i have practically stored all my high heels and traded them for my everyday flats. undeniably comfortable and cozy, i wear them daily lending only rare appearances of my wedges or high heels every now and then for special occasions. a friend (and blog reader) sent me a quick note requesting i post various selections of flats perfect for a busy working mom. other than it being comfortable, the pair have to be reasonably priced and chic at the same time. so here are a few choices comparing a premium designer price to a more affordable one...
$ 678 lanvin vs $ 49.50 gap


$ 590 bottega veneta vs $ 245 tory burch


$ 575 chanel vs $ 170 london sole



i've created quite a few ensembles to make up my fantasy wardrobe courtesy of LOOKLET closet. the possiblities are endless. its like virtual playing paperdolls, so much fun!
 here are a few of my favorites : 


casual done right

i just adore kelly rutherford. she exudes casual elegance. she pairs jeans or sandals with classic accessories that elevates the look. whether it be a timeless handbag, a statement jewelry or the perfect riding boots ~ she does it right. not to mention that all her clothes fit her to a T !

why cant i look like that dropping off my kid at school? lol.


gwyneth strong

i've saved these pictures from gwyneth's last year's GOOP as i find her picks to be truly classic. greys, blacks and browns are my fall wardrobe palette staples and it is truly a good thing to invest on a great coat and incredible boots. despite splurging on those key pieces, i'd like to go to target for their great selection of leggings and recently they have an abundant choices of cardigans and sweaters too!  

[image from GOOP]


chukka chukka

they may not be the prettiest thing but i like the look and feel of tomboy chic. wear a pair of chukkas with skinny or boyfriend jeans and top with a ruffled romantic lace-y blouse to add a feminine whimsy to the whole get-up. a suede vest will complete the look! 




im loving the cold weather and the fact that i get to wear cozy sweaters and scarves but i hate what it does for my skin. for the dreary cold months, my skin needs extra pampering. here are a few staple beauty needs i splurge for the season. 


style crush

viviana volpicella

its december. its cold and freezing and we have the heater on.
i am dreaming of the beach and perfect sunsets. sigh.
this is just so refreshing to see!


hello there!

the style spy is your online insider view of a shopper's diary on daily adventures on style, fashion and shopping deals.

in reality, i'm just a mom with a 9 to 5 job ~ juggling work, carpooling with my 3 year old and keeping up with my daily chores as a wife and mother!

this ought to be fun...!