flats feud

after i had a baby, i have practically stored all my high heels and traded them for my everyday flats. undeniably comfortable and cozy, i wear them daily lending only rare appearances of my wedges or high heels every now and then for special occasions. a friend (and blog reader) sent me a quick note requesting i post various selections of flats perfect for a busy working mom. other than it being comfortable, the pair have to be reasonably priced and chic at the same time. so here are a few choices comparing a premium designer price to a more affordable one...
$ 678 lanvin vs $ 49.50 gap


$ 590 bottega veneta vs $ 245 tory burch


$ 575 chanel vs $ 170 london sole

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wilybrunette said...

i adore flats, being so tall i find them a necessary staple (so as to not scare of the boys).